Nazarene Catholic School

A people called by the FATHER in JESUS CHRIST to become a community of persons with FULLNESS OF LIFE witnessing to the kingdom of God by living the PASCHAL MYSTERY in the power of the HOLY SPIRIT with MARY as companion

The Nazarene Catholic School is the Educational Institution of the Minor Basilica of the Black Nazarene of Quiapo in the Service of God and Country.

We commit ourselves in the pursuit of Christian Discipleship through the integration of Faith, Life, Learning, and Academic Excellence in the Service of Human Promotion

Christian Discipleship
Respect for Human Dignity
Responsible Stewardship
Preferrential Option for the Poor
Building the Community of the Local Church


The Nazarene Catholic School (Quiapo Parochial School), the parochial school of the Minor Basilica of the Black Nazarene, was conceived and brought to reality with a humble mission – to help uplift the life of the urban poor. It is a non-profit and service-oriented Catholic institution that aims to provide Catholic Christian formation of the students through quality education.

1951-In June, marked the beginning of QPS to answer the need for a Catholic Christian school in Quiapo district. It was founded by Msgr. Vicente Fernandez, the parish priest of St. John the Baptist Parish, helped by Mrs. Emma B. Araneta, president of the Catholic Women’s League and Fr. Rustico Burce who became the first principal of the school.

QPS offered adult education night classes with the seven-year elementary course
recognized by the government.

The school also offered kindergarten, elementary and high school classes.

1952-The five-year secondary course for the evening classes started in June 1952.

1955-The Night Elementary Course and the complete Elementary and Secondary
Course in the Day Session were recognized on April 16, 1955 by the government.

1958-The secondary night classes were recognized by the Department of Education on May 7, 1958.

1975-Msgr. Jose Abriol, then parish priest of the Minor Basilica of the Black Nazarene,
purchased a spacious lot in R. Hidalgo Street through funds donated by the devotees of Jesus the Nazarene.

1977-His Eminence Jaime Cardinal Sin blessed and laid the cornerstone of the new school building on September 18, 1977.

1978-Through the invitation of Msgr. Abriol, the Sisters of St. Paul of Chartres started
supervising the school on April 25, 1978. Msgr. Abriol became the school director; Sr. Angeline Arimatea de Jesus, SPC, High School Principal; Sr. Sonia Milagros Checa, SPC, Grade School Principal; Sr. Consolacion Bello, SPC, Treasurer; and Sr. Nora Giron, SPC, High School Religion Coordinator.

On October 7, 1978, His Eminence Jaime Cardinal Sin delegated Rt. Rev. Msgr. Leonardo Legaspi to bless and to inaugurate the newly built three-storey concrete edifice of QPS.

Another lot which is across QPS was bought and another school building was constructed to house the grade school pupils.

1979-1994-The Sisters of St. Paul of Chartres were able to uphold and realize the vision, mission and goals of the school during their stay.

1990-The administration bought the Pacific Star Building along R. Hidalgo Street during this year because of the annual steady rise of enrollees.

1995-New set of administration took over in 1995. Ms. Ofelia S. Meneses became the new principal and Msgr. Bienvenido Mercado was appointed as the new director.

The construction of the grade school gym started and finished within the year and was blessed by His Eminence Cardinal Sin.

1996-His Eminence Cardinal Sin blessed the new learning resource center in the high school department that houses the library, computer laboratories, audio-visual room and canteen.

2000-In the great Jubilee Year of the Church, Most Rev. Teodoro J. Buhain, D.D. became the new director of the school.

2001-The Golden Jubilee Year of QPS was celebrated. In the same year, the Grade
School Personnel gave its signal to undergo the Preliminary Self Survey using the questionnaires of the Philippine Accrediting Association of Schools, Colleges and Universities (PAASCU).

2002-It was on March 7-8, 2002 that a PAASCU visiting team came to school.

2004-The grade school department passed Accreditation and was granted level I by PAASCU. Rev. Msgr. Gerardo O. Santos Ed. D. was appointed School Director. Since the beginning of his leadership, much have changed in the school from facilities to instruction and governance. The High School Department had its Preliminary Survey Visit on November 18-19, 2004.

2005-After several consultations, headed by the Board of Trustees, the new name for
QPS has become “The Nazarene Catholic School” (NCS) in honor of Nuestro Padre Jesus Nazareno. The launching of the new name occurred on November 26, 2005 during the school’s 54th Foundation Day Celebration. Archbishop of Manila, His Eminence Gaudencio B. Cardinal Rosales, D.D and the City Mayor Honorable Jose L. Atienza, Jr. graced the occasion. The school also changed its school girls’ uniform, its logo and hymn.

Mr. Edgardo M. Africa, MAPEH Coordinator, composed the new school hymn, “The Nazarene Catholic School Hymn”.

2006-Msgr. Gerardo O. Santos launched on June 6, 2006 the Institutional Theme
for School Year 2006–2007, “Telling and Re-telling the Story of Jesus” in preparation for the celebration of the 400th Year Anniversary of the arrival of the image of the Nuestro Padre Jesus Nazareno to the Philippines.
Rev. Msgr. Josefino S. Ramirez, the Parish Priest and Chairman of the School’s Board of Trustees, was very supportive of the school’s various programs.

To strengthen Muslim-Christian relationship, the school invited an Ustad to teach Qur’an to school’s Muslim students every first Friday of the month.

2007-On October 7, 2007, the NCS was visited by PAASCU – the Grade School
Department for its Level II Re-survey Visit and the High School Department for its Level I – Formal Survey Visit. The school passed these two visits for accreditation. The Grade School was granted Level II given five years while the High School Department was granted Level I by PAASCU three years.

2008-School Year 2008–2009 saw the great improvement of the Scholarship Program through the collaboration of Msgr. Gerardo O. Santos and Msgr. Jose Clemente F. Ignacio, rector of the Minor Basilica of the Black Nazarene and Chairman of the Board of Trustees of NCS, Inc.

2009-To raise funds for scholarship and for procurement of additional instructional materials, the school had its First Annual Appeal on January 31, 2009 by mounting a concert showcasing the students’ exquisite talents and dramatizing the year’s Institutional Theme: “NCS@57: Vision Bearers, Gospel Promoters through musical presentations.

2010-The school adopted the Vision of the Archdiocese of Manila as member of the RCAM- ES. NCS High School Department passed its re-survey visit in October 2010 and was granted Level II- Five Years by PAASCU

2011-Marking the Diamond Jubilee celebration of the school for its 60 years, The
NCS Community mounted a new concert at FEU auditorium on November 27, 2011 during the Feast of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal, patroness of the school, with the theme: “6TY: A Celebration of Grace”. This became a grace-filled celebration for each Nazarenean.

2014-The school is under the new management of the two young priests namely Rev. Fr. Marion C. Munda as the new School Director and Rev. Fr. Leo Angelo S. Ignacio as his Assistant Director. The two are very supportive to the programs of the school. It was also in this same year that the Basic Education Program of the school passed its re-survey visit in October 2014 and was granted for another Level II – Five Years by PAASCU

Up to this day the Nazarene Catholic School has been making a meaningful journey since its beginning. And it will continue to be the educational institution of the Minor Basilica of the Black Nazarene of Quiapo in the service of God and country

Accounting, Business and Management
Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics
Humanities and Social Sciences
General Academics

Information and Communications Technology
Computer Hardware Servicing
Computer Programming
Home Economics
Front office Services
Tourism Production
Travel Services
Food and Beverage Services
Bread and Pastry Production

Birth Certificate (Original & photocopied)
Baptismal Certificate (Original & photocopied)
Form 138 (Report Card) signed by the Principal
Certificate of Good Moral Character from the Principal/ Guidance Counselor/ Class Adviser of the school last attended
Must pass the entrance examination

GRADE 11 & 12
Birth Certificate (Original & Photocopied)
Baptismal Certificate (Original & photocopied)
Form 138 (Report card)
Certificate of Good Moral Character
Must pass the entrance examination

Recommendation form accomplished by the Principal/ Guidance Counselor of the school previously attended
Birth Certificate (Original & Photocopied)
Baptismal Certificate (Original & photocopied)
Form 138 (Report card)
Transcript of Record (F137) for Grade 8, Grade 9 & Grade 10 students
Certificate of Good Moral Character from Principal/ Guidance Counselor/ Class Adviser of the school last attended
Must pass the Entrance Examination
Scholarship Offered:
100 % free tuition for Grade VI Valedictorian
50% free tuition for Grade VI Salutatorian
ESC grantof Php 10, 000.00 for Grade 7 students coming from Public Elementary School
Public High School completer Php 22, 500.00
ESC Junior High School completer Php 18, 000.00

For further inquiries see us or call:
The Nazarene Catholic School
733-9952 – Grade School
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