Merciful Brothers of St. Joseph

VISION: A praying community living love, mercy and compassion in the heart of the Church.
MISSION: Inspired by St. Joseph, we respond to God’s and the needs of the Church by teaching and caregiving and other spiritual and corporal works of mercy.
CHARISM: Orare et Amare. (Pray and Love)
ASPECT OF RELIGIOUS LIFE: Prayer, studies, manualia, community life, and mission work.

It was started on January, 2010 when Bishop Jose Advincula of the Diocese of San Carlos, Negros occidental approached Fr. Prex Fajardo with a proposal to establish a new religious community of brothers whose main apostolate is to administer and teach in the diocesan mission schools. Days later the bishop and Fr. Prex decided that the name of the new community would be Merciful Brothers of St. Joseph (MBSJ). St. Joseph is the patron saint and so they must have a special devotion to him. The mission of the community is to bring the love and mercy of God wherever they go through spiritual and corporal works of mercy with special focus on teaching and administration of mission schools and caring for the old or sick priests. Some brothers who may observed to have the vocation to the priesthood will be recommended to study in the seminary to become priest. A wonderful sign, it was March 19, Solemnity feast of St. Joseph. Fr. Prex received a cash gift 96, 00 pesos thru LBC from a friend in Manila. The seed money of MBSJ. Fr. Prex had a strong feeling that St. Joseph was simply telling him “Prex, do not worry about your community. I will take care of you.” Overcome with overflowing joy and gratitude, Fr. Prex shed tears in the LBC office of San Carlos City.

When March 23, Fr. Prex celebrated his 25th sacerdotal anniversary in St. John Marey Vianey Seminary in San Carlos City, coincided with the graduation mass of seminary. His family members and friends attended the mass. During the Mass, Bishop Jose officially announced the new mission of Fr. Prex, which is to establish the community of Merciful Brothers of St. Joseph. It was month of April, the MBSJ temporary stayed at Sto. Nino Parish at Cadiz City. Fr. Prex wishing and hoping that they will able to find a suitable place for a religious community and it was granted on July 1, they granted a seaside property resident of Mr. and Mrs. Patricio. The first members of the Merciful Brothers of Saint Joseph arrived and settled at their present location in Pat and Frida Compound, Purok Consing, Barangay Daga, Cadiz, Negros Occidental. On May 1, 2011 Fr. Paul Medina, came us the Carmelite Spiritual Director of MBSJ handed to Fr. Prex the proposed constitution and Rule of the MBSJ to be studied by its members and revisions, additions or deletions.
Early this month of December, that’s the time when Gaudencio Cardinal Rosales of the Archdiocese of Manila invited the MBSJ community to Manila specifically in the Minor Basilica of the Black Nazarene, Quiapo Church, to undertake an apostolate of home visitation and catechesis. Monsignor Clem, the parish priest, assigned the second floor and third floors of the Nazarene Mercy Center for use by the community. For the formality it was May 8, 2012 – His Eminence, Luis Antonio G. Cardinal Tagle, Archbishop of Manila, MBSJ community officially accept in Manila and at July 31, their residence in Quiapo was blessed Bishop Joe Advincula. June 3, 2013, Fr. Prex with the 5 MBSJ brothers together with Bro. Rogel Desuyo, Bro. Rey Devilleres, Bro. Charlie Gilbaliga, Bro. Martery Rubin and Bro. Rey Villaflor arrived in the Nazarene Mercy Center in Quiapo church, to take a course on Consecrated Life in Don Bosco Center of Studies, Beter Living, Paranaque and in June 8, 2013 they started the Bibliarasal apostolate in Quiapo. It was held at Block 2, near on Quinta Market.

The first MBSJ rite of investiture was held September 8, 2013 to Bro.Rogel Desuyo, Bro.Rey Devilleres, Bro. Charlie Gilbaliga, Bro. Martery Rubin and Bro.Rey Villaflor. Investiture was presided by Msgr. Clem an d concelebrated by Fr. Ric and Fr. Prex. Held 6:00PM at MBSJ Quiapo Chapel, 2nd floor, Nazarene Mercy Building. (From the clippings of MBSJ Pastoral Center: A History of MBSJ, Timeline and Event)
And now, the Merciful Brother of St. Joseph has continued their apostolate in service as part of the Minor Basilica of the Black Nazarene community. To share the love and mercy of God to others. If anyone who have a feeling of a call to become a consecrated brother and a conviction to follow Jesus in the religious life, send a message or call:

Quiapo community: Fr. Prex Fajardo, Supreme Moderator, MBSJ – 09162999547, Bro. Robit Cuevas, MBSJ- 0946449653.

Cadiz, Negros Community: Bro. Rey Devilleres, MBSJ- 09066565481.

Roxay City, Capiz Community: Bro Niel Aportadea, MBSJ – 09066293695.